Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Making a Mitre Saw Stop Block

The one thing that annoys me is when cutting small parts, is the need for a mitre saw stop block, which entails finding a piece of scrap wood that will do and then a clamp, so after seeing an item on the internet the other day, decided to make a dedicated stop block.

I went out and bought a Stanley welding clamp like this one (I'm sure like everything else here, it is just a copy, it only cost 20000COP/ $7.73/ £5):

Then using my grinder and a fine metal cutting disc, I removed the prongs.

That done it was to the grinding wheel, where I ground it flat, and then I had a slight problem, which delayed things for a day, I didn't have a 1/4" drill bit that would go through hardened steel, the photo below shows it clamped to a piece of scrap pine, I used this as support to stop flex whilst using the pillar drill.

but once bought I was then at the next stage, and that was to cut a piece of hardwood, being predictable, in my case, mahogany! to act as the stop, you need to cut it at least 3/8" higher than the fence, because of the sweet spot on the clamp. I then cut the bottom corners off at 45° to stop dust build-up, after which I decided what is the correct position for the clamp and screwed it to the stop block.

Job Done! ...Sorry this is not a very good photo, due to the mess, I am making a batch of coasters for the house, at the request of Marcela :)

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