Tuesday, 16 June 2015

More Concrete!

Having replaced part of the surface drainage channel in front of the house, which works a treat, I decided that half a job was not good enough, and I would get the other half done.

However I could not go as deep, because the drain pipe from the house guttering downpipe  is only a couple of inches underground, and remembering this from the past, I was very careful with my excavations!

Having done that, I lined the bottom with plastic as before.

Then shovelled in three barrow loads of concrete, maybe I shouldn't have been doing this today, my back has still not recovered. Marcela told me to stop, but once in the middle of a job, it has to be finished!

I apologise for the finger in the photo!  anyway job done, once it has dried out a bit, I will tidy up the gravel back to the concrete. In the mean time P├ępe has already put his mark for life in the concrete!

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