Saturday, 27 June 2015

Tidying up

In the past, the zona de ropa, has been a bit of a dumping ground, due to lack of storage, things were stuck between the bars of the window grille, or on top of the cupboard at the side of the washing machine, it didn't matter, because it wasn't the nicest area anyway. Now it is different, it is looking far better, and once the floor is tiled, I might even use this as a sitting area in the summer, because there is nearly always a breeze sweeping through here, which is why it is so good for drying clothes.

Yesterday, I set to, I had bought the 1"x 6" boards and being lazy, had them cut to length in Homecenter. I decided that as this is an outdoor piece, that it would be painted,  it will be easier to wipe down, also no fancy joints all pocket holes, glue and brad nails, therefore inside an hour I had it put together, and clamped.

To prime it, I used white emulsion, it was a tip given to me by a Painter and Decorator many years ago, you nearly always have some emulsion lying around, and it is much cheaper than 'Primer', but does the same job, at least, I have never had a follow up problem as a result.

That done, this morning, I glossed the back, and left it to dry, then this afternoon, I drilled and screwed it to the wall, then glossed all the parts that can be seen.

Now it will be left until tomorrow to dry, then everything can be stored up and out of the way.

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