Monday, 1 June 2015

Why have I decided to start Blogging again!

To be honest, when I stopped last September, I didn't miss the Blog at all, it had served it's purpose, and it was time to get on with life, and it has been busy.

Why then, return to the blog? I found that I was using my FaceBook account, to do what I was doing on here previously, so after realising that was what I was doing, I decided the time was right to start again. However as I have said in the subtitle, now it will follow a different route, it will follow any work I am doing, rather than my life as a whole, if I am not working then I will not be posting, simple as that!

For the time being I will continue to use my blogspot address, if I decide that this will be long term, then I will change to a personal domain later.

Thank you to any returning followers, and welcome, if you have just dropped in.

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