Thursday, 3 September 2015

Finished at last!

This morning I made the decision to try and complete this job without help, unfortunately it went so well, I forgot all about photos until it was completed.

I took the reja / security bars and propped it in place with some supports, made sure it was level, then marked the locations for the support legs on the wall with a marker.

Using both my ordinary drill with a masonry bit, and my demolition drill with an SDS bit, I made the holes, which had to be 2 1/2" deep.

That done, I put the grille in place, it fitted like a glove, it didn't even need supports to hold it in place, whilst I mixed up some cement and filled the holes, I then left it to start going off, and sponged it to blend in with the surrounding mortar. Job done... just got to paint it all now.

Once again the house is all secure.

I then started painting, but not outside, I painted the bedroom inside this window, and fitted a new roller blind, it now just needs a good clean, and it will be ready for the Mother-in-law's next visit!

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