Thursday, 24 September 2015

Making a Bandsaw Guide

The big let down on my bandsaw was the amount of drift, or the way it cut correctly, I had come to the conclusion that it was down to the fact that there is only an upper guide, no lower one.

I had contacted the Company who made this for me, and they stated that none of their commercial bandsaws had a lower guide, but they would adapt one and fit it, for a price, if I took the bandsaw back. Considering it took four men to lift the bandsaw into my trailer, that wasn't going to happen.

Having put up with this problem for over a year, I decided that it was time to do something about it. Originally I was going to make the support out of hardwood, but changed my mind at the last minute, and just bought a couple of metal straps.

This had to be turned into a Z shape, my first attempt was way out, so it was lucky it was a pack of two! with the aid of my bench vise and some brute force, I got what I wanted.

I then turned out my Oddments bin and found the rest of the bits I needed, 2 x 5/16" bearings,  2 x 5/16" bolts and locking  nuts, also  4 x washers.

I then drilled the new guide to attach it to the saw frame, and cut one hole in the section for the bearings, having got that hole, I then cut a slot so the bearing could be adjusted, I did this using my grinder with a cutting disc, I was a bit apprehensive of this, because, muck it up and I was back to square one. but it went fine. and the bearing sat in place.

That done I attached my new guide to the saw, and gave it a trial.

I now have very little drift, I will have to remove the marker lines I had placed on the table, this will get some getting used to...A tool that works correctly!


  1. Buen invento. Mi sierra Tauco del año 1947 tiene ambas guias, la superior e inferior; solo necesito cambiarles los rodamientos.
    Veremos lo que me comentas de probar un elastico de bicicleta.

  2. Tiene una muy buena sierra sin fin, estás en lo correcto, será una sierra muy bueno, cuando se lo reparan.
    He añadido un formulario de contacto, a la izquierda, es más fácil de hacer contacto con eso! :D


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