Monday, 12 October 2015

Place Mats / Coasters

A long time ago, I made four place mats for the Dining table, but never got around to making the whole set.

My original mats were made of laminated oak, but I always found them to be a bit thick, so as it was time to sand and re-oil them, I decided to run them through my planer and make them a bit thinner.

This pushed me to buy some more laminated oak on Saturday, yesterday, I cut the piece to give me two more place mats, and two strips to give me a set of coasters.

This morning, I ran the parts through the planer to get them to the same thickness as the originals, and then I cut the coaster strips into individual coasters.

That done, I used my belt sander to round the corners on the coasters, and my bandsaw to cut the corners on the place mats, sanded them to 80 grit,  then used my trim router to put a 1/4" round over on all the parts, after which they were sanded again to 120 grit, which was fine for these.

That done all that was left was to give them a couple of coats of mineral oil, and leave them to dry, then they will be ready for use.

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