Thursday, 1 October 2015

Tito's Table!

I can't sit around doing nothing, so this morning decided to do a small project I have been putting off, and that was to make a 'dog table' for our second dog, he is a rescue dog, and struggles to eat because of a deformed jaw, due to abuse as a pup, as a result he ends up pushing his bowl all over the room, to try and get the food, it was time to put this right.

Firstly I had to decide how high to make the table, the internet was no use at all, everyone has their own ideas as to how high it should be, so I decided that about two thirds his leg height would be comfortable for him, if not, I will have to make some adjustments.

I had some laminated oak board, left over from another project, so decided to use that. Now was the first time I would be using my circle cutting jig in anger, so I was interested to see how hard or easy it would be to use.

I set it up with my trim router

That part was easy :)  I cut the board which is 5/8" thick in three passes, on the last, I turned the board over and cut, to avoid tearout

I was very impressed with my scrap jig, it will certainly be getting more use.

That done I cut out the side supports and cross rails

I decided to shape the supports, and then using my trim router freehand, rounded over all the exposed edges that the bowl and the dog would come into contact with. I also prepared the pocket holes to attach the legs to the top.

Once assembled, I took the table down to the house to ensure the bowl sat correctly

Then it was back to the workshop to put some finish, I decided to use varnish, as the dog will probably be slobbering over it, so I used 50/50 varnish to mineral spirit, and wiped it on.  So far it has had four coats, it will have a few more before it goes into use.

You will see that I put screws in the feet so I could complete the varnishing in one go!

A couple of hours and some scrap wood...job done!


I think that means it was a successfully completed project!!

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