Thursday, 5 November 2015

Approaching the Moment of Truth

The bed is finished, I completed the varnishing this morning, and because I had over estimated the quantity of varnish needed by about 400%...the base was painted in it to!

and to make sure the bed stays in one piece there is also the fifth leg!

This will sit in the centre of one of the cross supports, and hopefully stop Marcela and myself, ending up on the floor. To be honest, I think the bed is more than strong enough as it is, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

I now just have to go off with the trailer and collect two sheets of plywood to  cut,  and attach on top of the base.

The varnished wood, will now sit for a couple of days, until the fumes have subsided, then it will be the moment of truth, because, all the parts have been measured and remeasured, but never put together, hopefully there will be no surprises.

So maybe Sunday or Monday, the existing bed will be dismantled and brought downstairs to the third bedroom, which at the moment is a store-room, and probably still will be! and the new bed taken upstairs and assembled, that is if Marcela is able to help me, if not it will be delayed until we can find someone who can, as there is a lot of weight in the base and headboard.

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