Saturday, 14 November 2015

Cutting the Parts

We didn't sleep very well last night, so I was up slightly earlier than usual, took the dogs for their walk, then prepared the swimming pool for cleaning, by Marcela!

I needed to keep going, so decided to get stuck in to the bedside table project, and cut all the pine parts, it was a good job I bought an extra length of 1 x 8, because I had to cut out some rubbish, to get the parts I wanted.

As a result using both the Table saw and Mitre saw, I made a lot of sawdust.

You can see all the parts stacked on the workbench, I just have to cut out the plywood backing, and drawer bottoms now, but that will wait until the build is semi complete, just in case I have to make some adjustments. I have already  had to change all the measurements in the plan, to reduce the size of the tables, so they will fit in the bedroom.

The next job is some construction, and a lot of sanding!

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