Friday, 13 November 2015

Ready for the next phase!

Today I was off with the trailer again, this time to collect the timber for the bedside tables / night stands, fortunately due the amount of left over pine, from the bed project, I have only had to buy four 3m lengths of 1" x 8" and two sheets of 1/4" plywood. Everyone has some idea what that will look like so no photo today.

I nearly didn't get to start this project, I was walking across the entrance to the car park, to buy the timber, on the Pedestrian crossing, and some woman in a Toyota Prado, came driving out of the car park, and I sensed she was not going to stop, and started to move out of the way. As she got to the crossing, I belted my fists down on her bonnet (hood), she stopped, otherwise I might have had a minor injury. She apologised, and admitted that she had only been looking one way, and hadn't seen me... must be because I am so slim!! :)

Anyway, at least now I can get underway, quite how long this will take, I have no idea, this week-end is yet another National Holiday, and family are coming.

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