Sunday, 6 December 2015

I'm going Bald!

Trying to master Sketchup is says everyone, so why am I finding it almost impossible? I follow the video tutorials, stopping them whilst I do my bit in the program, great, I think I am there, then I go off to practise and it all falls apart!

However I am determined this time, that I will stick with it, it is just going to take longer! in the mean time I need a diversion.

Today I went out to buy some laminated oak, I am going to make a couple of old fashioned marble board games. I thought I wouldn't be able to do this, because I couldn't find anyone that sold just marbles, until I was in a 'Todo 2000 COP' shop the other day, and found nets of 50 marbles for 2000COP each (UK 42p) , so I bought three. They are multi-coloured marbles, but that is not a problem, where a game calls for specific colours, I will spray paint them.

My first games is going to be this:

Yep! you guessed right first time...Chinese Checkers, how I am going to do it, I will leave until I get started.

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