Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Workbench Maintenance

My workbench is now a year old, although it is a great bench, I am not 100% happy with it, as the timbers have dried out, they have shrunk, and gaps have opened up between the planks on the top.

Also when I made the bench, I left the front plank higher than the others, so it would act like a built in bench dog

This worked, but it was not a brilliant idea, because it meant leaning over to work on the rest of the bench, when I needed flat space, or if I was gluing up. It was a bit short sighted on my part. Therefore today, I went into the workshop, still under Doctors orders, no bending or lifting.

I planed and sanded the front board until it was level with the others, which meant taking off about 1/4".

and left me with a pile of chippings

Now the bench is reasonably flat, I need to buy a sheet of hardboard, or thin ply to top it and cover the spaces, this is a shame, but it needs to be done, and will also protect the bench surface.

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