Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I'm a Liar!

OK, I said it would be at least the week-end before there was more to report, however after taking the dogs to the Peluquería (hairdresser!) I had time on my hands whilst waiting to collect them, so I came home, and went into the workshop, where my first job was to change the rope stringers on the saw-horses for luggage straps.

The rope was not giving sufficient support, yesterday I bought the straps, and today they were fitted, using a bolt to attach to one of the lower struts, what a difference!

Then I wanted a mounting on the saw-horse so I could use it for my mitre-saw. I had a piece of 3/4" plywood, which was just big enough, so I attached two rails underneath from 2x4, one either side of the saw-horse rail, firstly I stuck them in place with my hot glue gun, then turned it over, and put three screws into each rail.

It is a snug fit, so does not need anything else to attach it to the saw-horse, I can now use this as a portable bench, as you can see in the photo I drilled a 1" hole with a forstner bit, to hang it on the wall.

or as I intended it, for my mitre-saw

I will now probably cut a longer rail, so I can add moveable supports to that, and use the mitre-saw to cut long planks., but for now this is ideal, and I can dismantle my dedicated mitre-saw stand which takes up valuable space, which I can't afford in a small shop.

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