Wednesday, 6 January 2016


I have some work to do at my Mother in law's house, and need to take my tools between here and there, but I don't want to have to take my trailer unless it is necessary, one of the things I will need are saw-horses.

I therefore decided to make two folding saw-horses, I found the plans on, but made several changes to the design, making them smaller, but chunkier.

I started off by cutting the parts from 2x4, and the rails I cut down from 1x8s, all scrap left over from other projects.

I then started assembly, I didn't have any 4" carriage bolts, so for now I have used 1/2" threaded rod, if that doesn't work out I can always change it later.

To use the saw-horse you open it up, and place a 2x4 beam,  the length depending on your needs, in the cutout.

Now I just have to get some rope, to hold it in position, and stop it splaying out altogether. With the top beam being removable, the saw-horse can be adapted for various uses, as I make them, I will post the details.

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