Tuesday, 12 January 2016


It's been a quiet week end, as it was yet another Public Holiday on Monday, that's it until March now, poor things, I don't know how Colombia survives without their near weekly holidays!! :)

Today I went off with the trailer and bought a load of 2 x 4 ready to get started with a couple more projects I have lined up. There is no photo, you all know what a pile of wood looks like!

It may well be the week-end before I get started, tomorrow is dog hairdresser day, which will take up the morning, then I will have to get my tools together, because Thursday, I am going over to the Mother in law's to close off a room, with a door and frame, I can guarantee that I will end up forgetting a tool I need, but if I can at least get the frame and door in place, I will then have to build a panel to fill the space above it, then trim it, but that will be for another day! If I have time I will take a couple of photos of the process.

Friday, I finally get to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon re the problem with my knee, that is going to be interesting, because it is all but better now, however I am not cancelling the appointment this time, if I do, you can guarantee a re-occurrence.

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