Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Mirror frame

Things have been a bit quiet recently, mainly because time has been taken up with medical appointments.

Marcela wanted a new mirror for her dressing room, a full length mirror, I thought the one she had was fine, but apparently bigger is better!

So, out came the pine, and I cut some 2x4 in half, ran it through my  bench top planer, and then using the dado blade cut a rabbet on all the lengths. That done I measured to make it a 4ft x 17" mirror, the odd size, because it is a corner wall, only 18" wide, then cut the mitre corners.

Because of the weight of the mirror itself, I glued, drilled and screwed the frame together, and then filled the screw holes with wood filler.

It was then time to varnish the frame, I used the oak varnish I bought in abundance for the bed furniture, doing this outside, it dried almost instantly.

After a second coat, I moved it back inside and left it overnight to dry. Yesterday, I loaded the frame into the car, and went to the Glaziers, where they cut mirror to fit.

This morning, I siliconed the mirror into the frame, and added corner supports of triangular plywood, to stop it falling out of the frame, at some point in the future.

After adding the wall hanger, it was put to work!

Another job off the list.

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