Wednesday, 9 March 2016

It's a bit Quiet...

It's a bit quiet in the Sale household, I haven't been in the workshop for a few days, but hope to start again shortly, I want to build a blanket box, in fact I need three of them, one for each bedroom, but when I will get around to them, I am not sure.

I need to hitch up the trailer and go to fetch some sand and cement first, and get some outside repairs done, I should have done that this week, but to be honest, it has been nice, to do nothing for a change.

The only woodwork I have done this week, was to strengthen our bed, it had started rocking, I keep telling Marcela, not to swing off the ceiling fan, but it makes no difference! :)  I found that the four screws on each side, holding the headboard to the main frame were not sufficient, so I drilled into the leg, and recessed a carriage bolt on each side, and for now it is as steady as a rock.

Once I get underway again, I will post, whether it be woodwork or construction work!

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