Saturday, 26 March 2016


Yes, my scrapwood challenge yesterday, was to make two mallets from some scrap mahogany

I started off by cutting the handles on the bandsaw, because that would determine the size of the holes needed in the mallet head.

That done, I moved on to the heads, which I was making from scrap 3" x 3", I marked the heads onto the scrap, but kept it as one until I had cut the holes for the handles, it made it much easier to work with.

After marking the positions for the holes, I started by drilling most of the waste out with a forstner bit, then moved on to a beech mallet and chisels.

The mahogany was certainly hard going, and I found myself having to re-sharpen the chisels a couple of times. I lettered the heads to match the handles, so if there was a marginal difference in handle size I wouldn't have a problem with too big a hole.

I then cut the face of the mallets on the compound mitre saw to a 5°angle, gave them all a good sanding, and after assembly, coated them both in mineral oil.

Three hours work, and two mallets I am very pleased with!


  1. Hola Phil, buena idea hacer "mallets" con restos de madera, se va a lista de cosas por hacer.

    1. Gracias H├ęctor, esperamos ver la tuya! Saludos


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