Thursday, 14 April 2016

This is going to be a slow job!

A short update!...I was back to sanding this morning, and to say the air was blue was an understatement. I am left handed, and therefore was sanding with my injured fingers, despite wearing a thick glove, I kept stubbing it on the wood.

I had to give up in the end, tough as I like to think I am, trying to sand with tears in my eyes, and streams of abuse, is doing no one any good, a few days more, should see some skin on my finger, and then I should be OK.

So for now, I don't see me writing any further updates until next week.


  1. Hola Phil, ojala puedas retomar pronto tus trabajos.
    Enviado usando chrome....

    1. Gracias Héctor, la próxima semana ... espero!


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