Sunday, 5 June 2016

Metal Bending!

I wrote in my post about replacing the gate post, that I had bent the metal, using a contraption I had purloined from the Builders renovating our house, well to be honest it wasn't so much that I appropriated it, as they forgot it, and as they had helped themselves to one or two of our things, I decided not to remind them!

Anyway, as a result I had a couple of messages asking me about this contraption. The jig, consists of a metal plate, with six rods welded to it, this plate is then attached to a length of plank.

To bend flat bar or rebar, you place it between the rods, adjusting it's position, depending on the bend required, and use brute force and ignorance to pull it, until you have the bend.

It's a handy gadget, which I will have to de-rust and oil, if I want to continue using it. It certainly makes life easier!!!

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