Friday, 1 July 2016

A Quickie!

Work has started on the mountain below us again, so the snakes will be on the move again, I thought maybe we should be prepared. Something I hope we never have to use, but it's there if needed.

I took a length of 1" dowel I had in the wood bin, drilled a hole to accept the piece of bent rebar, I had in the metal bin, and inserted an eye in the other end to hang it out of the way.

I then inserted the rebar into the dowel, at the moment it is a friction fit, with a few taps from a hammer, but if it comes loose in future I can always epoxy it in place. I then masked the end of the dowel and spray it with some hideous pink, I had left over from another project. This snake stick will do the job until I can find, or make something better

It now hangs out of the way, but easily accessible!! 

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