Saturday, 6 August 2016


I've been working for 12 hours today, and don't I know it, unfortunately I needed a few more bits to finish it, which I hadn't got with me, so will nip back tomorrow.

To be honest I am too knackered to post, so I'll keep it brief,

Two shelves put up over the sink, for large sheet card, and one of the boards put on the wall for displaying costume jewellery.

'L' shaped shelves built, just needs a strip tacking down the corner join, the 'L' is intentional, because the toilet has no door, and this saves fitting one, just walk behind the  shelves, and start humming!!! :D

I have also got to fit a board on top of the 'kitchen' sink unit, the Landlord has taken out the taps, so it will sit nicely on top, and be used for the photocopier/printer...I think.

Anyway once this is finished, that is my connection with the business finished, I may be called upon for maintenance, but otherwise I am staying clear!

Hopefully the Stationers / Papeleria will be open for business sometime next week.

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