Sunday, 23 October 2016

More Pyrography!

I need something to keep me busy, I was informed on Friday that I will be having my first knee operation this Wednesday, that I would receive a call on Saturday (yesterday) with the time, and also another appointment for Monday or Tuesday to see the Anaesthetist, but no call, so I am on pins!

I saw this wall hanging in a local DIY Store a week or so ago.

Being all wood, I liked the idea, but instead of stencilling the words, I wanted to burn them on, OK it takes longer but I think it looks more finished.

I started by doing a bit of shopping, I already had the timber, but I needed acrylic paints, so the when I was next in the City I bought a selection.

Then it was time to prepare the wood, I cut the panels from 2x4, various thickness, lengths and widths, not being too particular, but from each section of 2x4 cut I obtained three  panels.

I then painted them, using a brush, thinning the paint out with water

but they were too vibrant, so I sanded them down, so the wood was showing through,

and made some backing/hanging boards from 3mm doorskin ply to keep the boards together and also provide a means of hanging them.

It was then onto the computer to come up with some Fonts, to create the words, which I printed out on a laserjet printer in mirror form, (so that they would be the right way around when applied to the wood). I ironed the homemade transfers onto the wood panels, after which I burned them permanently into the wood with my pyrography kit, this is what takes the time, but it is worth it.

I am happy with the process, but think one or two of the Fonts need changing, overall I think it is a success, not too difficult to do, and I can see a production line coming along, with variations on the same theme!


  1. hope your health improves Efrhen Gallego

    1. Many thanks, I'll get there, just takes time!


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