Friday, 16 June 2017


Having sorted out all the paperwork, I applied for my new Colombian Visa online, at the beginning of the week. This morning I received an email to say that I have been granted a Resident Visa, which lasts for five years, no more applying for temporary visas. If during that time, I apply for, and receive Nationality, then this will be the last Visa I shall ever need, but I have to had this visa for two years before I can apply.

Now I have thirty days to pay for the Visa, at which time it becomes valid, and then fifteen days to get myself to Bogota from the date of payment, to have it inserted in my passport. I won't make the mistake I made in 2014 of making payment before I have bought a plane ticket, that way I give myself time to look around for the cheapest day return.

I have also made progress with the Postbox, it is all ready, it has had one coat of stain, and three coats of exterior varnish.

I am just waiting for the last coat of varnish to dry, and then it will be assembly time, but I will do that on site, piece by piece to ensure it fits in it's allocated spot!

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