Wednesday, 26 July 2017


I woke at 3am, worrying as to what was wrong with the Montero, I couldn't understand how having work done on the clutch effected the steering and made it seem as if the brakes were on all the time.

I wasn't going to get back to sleep, so got up at 4am, prepared the dogs breakfast and took them for their walk, whilst it was still dark.

I was at Mario's just after 7.30am, and he was already there, I explained the problem, and he was totally mystified, so he jumped into the driver's seat and off we went, but he said he couldn't feel anything wrong, I was starting to worry even more, again outside his workshop, he was driving up the road and reversing, then I saw the car stop, it was obvious from his face that he hadn't braked, and he admitted there was a problem, but had no idea what!

Suddenly his Associate appeared, he immediately knew what was causing the problem, the four wheel drive, and as soon as he said that, I knew what had caused it, because the last time I had work done by Mario, he had left the car in 4x4 not 4x2, which is what I use, unless I am absolutely stuck...Mario had been messing again, only this time the Autochange on the wheelhub had stuck in 4x4. He called over another Mechanic from over the road, and between the three of them, they managed to free it. Thank goodness it was nothing more serious.

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