Wednesday, 27 September 2017

It's Sad

This morning I went off to do my shopping as planned, firstly I went to Copacabana and did the food shop, I believe in giving my trade to local business, and when local shops have cheaper prices than the Super and Hypermarkets, I see no reason to go elsewhere, so a big call out to MerCopa!

From there I went to Bello, firstly to fill up with petrol and gas, I must have missed out on a regular fill, because it did nothing for the state of my wallet! Anyway, whilst filling up with gas, I was having a laugh with the Attendant, because he had run over from the petrol pump, where he had just filled me up, when we were approached by a street woman, this is nothing unusual, they will approach you daily in the hope you will give them a few pesos to buy drugs, if you are driving and see them about, you usually close your windows, to stop them grabbing anything and running, but this was different.

I wasn't ready for the following conversation, it took me totally by surprise, but it went something like this:

Young woman..." Do you want my body for 5000?"

Me..."No thank you"

Young woman pulls up her sweater, displaying a naked body, to show me what I was declining, then walked off. The Attendant and I turned to each other, after she had gone, and laughed about it, but it is really sad when people have reached the depths of giving away their body for a pittance, because 5000 pesos is about £1.25. I was totally gobsmacked, this was something totally alien to me, and the first time in nearly six years in Colombia that I had come across it, as I said...sad!

From there I went on to the Commercial Centre in Niquia and wandered around, having completed what I had come for, and then made my way home.

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