Sunday, 7 January 2018

Birthday Lunch

Today, being Marcela's day off, she took me to Asados Famila Garcia on Calle 63 in Medellin, it is one of our favourite Restaurants, and is listed in my Restaurant Reviews, we don't go there often as it does not come within our everyday budget, but well worth a visit, and we have the same every time 'Sobrebarriga' (Flank Steak), it literally melts in your mouth, and if you don't starve yourself for the morning, you wont be able to eat it all.

Many people take away a doggy bag, but to me that is sacrilege, albeit by the time I had finished, I couldn't have eaten another mouthful... neither of us could.

That's our celebrations out of the way for a while, suffice it to say, it's another Bank Holiday here tomorrow! 😨

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