Monday, 12 March 2018


Yesterday, I started by clearing all the garden rubbish, bagging it for the bin men this morning, I really can't praise them enough, they will take anything within reason, as long as it is bagged.

Because Marcela, was out having a Girlie Day with one of her friends, I then set to, changed the bedding, and cleaned three bathrooms, nothing to brag about, they are tiny, all being shower rooms, but I was never a bath man myself, always preferring a shower. Then after mopping, the boys and I decided to call it a day.

This morning, we had a phone call first thing from the Secretary of my Skin Cancer Specialist, to remind me of my appointment tomorrow at 7am... No, it's on 13th August at 7am, however the Secretary said it couldn't be as he didn't have a Clinic then, we pulled out the Order, sure enough it states 13th August, but it's no big deal, it just means I will have to get up at 5am to be there in time, instead, of getting up half an hour later and then spending the morning rendering, there really wasn't any contest!

We both left the house at 10.30am, Marcela to go to Copacabana to see if she could get a second hand laptop charger, as hers has given up the ghost, and I headed to Niquia, I had seen some heavy duty sandals last week, but as I was in the process of buying the roofing panels, I couldn't afford them at the time. True to form, on my arrival, I found that they had sold out. Not to be outdone, I started a search of all shops that sold shoes, and found the same make at the same price, but... they obviously had a theft problem, and all their sandals were locked with security cables and padlocks, yes, you guessed it, they couldn't find the key, and the only pair in my size were on display, I waited ten minutes, and then gave up.

Marcela didn't have much more luck, the shop she needed wasn't opening until 11.30am, and she was working this afternoon, so she came and joined me for lunch, we had a chinese, as it was probably the closest we were going to get to diet food in the Mall. I then suggested that after my appointment tomorrow, I could go to Centro Comercial Monterrey, which is predominantly electrical items, and has a couple of second hand computer shops, which I will try first.

Lunch finished, I headed home, and Marcela went for a mooch, before heading for work.

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