Thursday, 26 April 2018

There hasn't been a lot to report over the last couple of days, I had a trip into the City yesterday to Makro, to get some of the bulk buys, otherwise it has been a couple of days of relaxation.

Today, on the other hand, we have had a little bit of excitement, albeit we don't know the reason for the visit.

The Police descended on the Barbers Shop next door, early this afternoon.

They were at the premises for some time, but no one was taken away, and when they had gone, I went to have a look, to find that the premises had been sealed.

It could be just that the business is not properly registered with the relevant Authorities, or it could be connected with crime, I would think you could take your pick, as both would probably apply, but we will probably never know the truth. The story goes that, the knife fight a few weeks ago, was really nothing serious and was a helmet not a knife, I haven't the heart to publish the video showing the knife being used!

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