Sunday, 13 May 2018

Getting There!

I started work in the workshop at 8.30am, I started by pocket holing all the drawer panels, because I decided to use 18mm for the bases as well, they had to be assembled so that they would not fall apart.

Once I had them all done, it was a case of glue and screw!

Like last time the drawer faces were going on last, the next job being to fit the shelves, once that was done it was back to the drawer fronts,

By this time it was 1.30pm, and time for lunch, then back to finish off the construction, because at this stage everything had been glued and brad nailed, but I also wanted to add strength, and that meant screws.

Now I just have to paint and laquer, and fit the handles to the drawers, then I will be doing more work on the desk top, before re-decorating the office, and assembling the desk, which I hope will go in without a hitch, but that is wishful thinking, everything that I think will be easy throws a curve ball to put me back in my place!

What was left of the afternoon I spent catching up on episodes of Homeland, and now it is time to cosy up in bed, but all on my lonesome, because I had forgotten that Marcela is spending the night at her Mother's, so that when they return from the family bash, for which Marcela is the Driver, she can then have a drink, so I guess I will see her sometime late tomorrow morning.

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