Monday, 25 June 2018

Looking up!

Yesterday, I started off, by installing the new cable supports to keep the security camera post in place, and made some minor adjustments to the camera angle, it took a while because I don't like working up ladders, but it is done.

I then moved up to the Office, to tidy up all the cables under the desk, because the Technician working on the camera system, had messed them all up, a few zip ties and it was soon done.

By this time England had already won their World Cup game against Panama 6-1, I didn't need to watch it, I just listened to the screams coming from Marcela, who was being a traitor and supporting Panama, but only because a win for them would have helped Colombia in the coming rounds if they get there.  Colombia also had a good day beating Poland 3-0, by that time I was watching my own programs with a headset, to cancel out more screaming...I have to be honest I'm surprised Marcela didn't have a heart attack, she was getting so worked up!

Today, I started the day off early (3.30am) I wont go into detail, suffice it to say, I am stuffed with Colombia's version of Immodium!. 

My first job today involves going over to the Mother-in-laws to put up a shelf for her, I cut one from the scraps from the desk top, and I had  a couple of old shelf brackets, which I sprayed matt black, again from the desk project. I have certainly got my monies worth from those materials, although I think the paint can is now empty!

After that I am going to see if I can find a new brush cutter at a reasonable price, if not I will go back and see the man regarding a second hand one, provided he can get it for this weekend.

If there is anything to add, I will come back to this post later.

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