Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Summer in Here!

We have been waiting for what seems like, for ever for a summer here, and it has come, but is taking some getting used to, as we have not had one for so long, scorching hot days, and hot sweltering nights, but that comes at a price, and people have been going down left right and center with some type of flu, due to the dramatic change.

I made the mistake of laughing at everyone, and then went down with it on Monday, yesterday, I spent the day in bed, but feel much better today, so hopefully it is just a 48 hour virus.

I have spent the last few days relaxing in one way or another, so there is not much to report, with the exception that on Saturday there was a new addition to the family, my Great Nephew was born, back in the UK at 3.30am (local time), William David, both Mother and Baby are fine, congratulations to Daniel and Gemma for carrying on the family line!

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