Tuesday, 5 June 2018

There's No Money!

Every time a problem is brought to the attention of the Alcaldía / Town Hall in Copacabana, and not just by me, we are told that there is no money.

This morning I walked the dogs to find excrement flowing down the road, from a communal open septic tank, which is obviously damaged.

I had to take the dogs to the other side of the road, the problem has been ongoing for some time, but until now it is has just been urine flowing down the road, and passed our finca.

I made an official report to Corantioquia last year, they are the Department that enforces environmental issues, but they have done nothing.

I then went down town to do the shopping, to find the center of town shut off to traffic and readying themselves for yet another concert and erecting kiosks.

All this will have been paid for out of our local taxes, the money we don't have. Our Mayor, Oscar Restrepo is nothing short of a disgrace, he will spend money on frivolous things, and in the town, but he totally ignores those of us who pay our taxes but live outside the urban area, the sooner the local elections arrive next year, in which I will be able to cast my vote for the first time, and help boot this idiot out of office.  I am hoping that a mystery Candidate will come along, who believes in equality for all, and is anti-corruption, but I fear that is too much to hope for, and the current crop of Candidates are no better than the current imcumbent.

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