Monday, 20 August 2018

No More Work Today

I had to get up at 5.30am despite it being yet another Public Holiday, it is Bin Day! It was a good job I did, as they were here by 6am!

That meant I could do any work before the sun was overhead, the first job of the day was to remove the wooden frame in the sump hole, unfortunately I made it too well, and it took a while removing it, but thank goodness I had greased it, it left the side as smooth as silk.

I then used the multi-tool to smooth off around the lip of the hole, and tried the pump for size, plenty of room.

I then dug out the waterproofing paint, and surprisingly it was as good as it was four years ago, so I gave the hole a couple of coats.

Now we are just waiting for some rain to test out the pump, if this doesn't work, I am snookered!

That's it for today, I am aching from head to foot after my work yesterday, too much bending and on my knees, so it is a day of rest!

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