Saturday, 15 September 2018

Just Work!

Yesterday and this morning, it was back to work in the Swimming Pool, yesterday I did another two meters of de-grouting, and then re-grouting

I have to do it that way now, because we are back to winter, and guaranteed rain every day, but I'll get there.

This morning I removed the last of the broken tiles

and ground down the old adhesive underneath, unfortunately I saw clouds coming over, so replacing those tiles today was out of the question, I will have to drain the water from the pool first thing tomorrow morning, before the standing water does more damage to the untiled area at floor level.

Replacing these tiles will involve some tile cutting, since I don't possess a tile cutter here, I will have to try and do this with the angle grinder.

Otherwise things have been reasonably quiet, and hopefully they stay that way.

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