Friday, 8 February 2019

Under the Knife...Delayed

I have been waiting to hear confirmation on going for surgery to remove a cancerous growth, the hope was that it would be this next Monday, but it is not to be. The Secretary rang Marcela this morning, and gave her a date for the middle of March, anticipating this may happen, because Private Patients will take priority, I refused the appointment, because we go on holiday the first week in April, and I am not spending the week away wearing a shirt all day, as I know after recent surgery you have to keep it out of the sun.

So now, I am waiting for another appointment, we have been told it will hopefully be the week after we return, but that still has to be confirmed.

My week of being home alone has come to a end, and in a couple of hours, it will be time to go and collect 'The Boss', I wonder when her sister will want to go on holiday again? 😂😂

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