Monday, 11 May 2020

Mr. Gadget!

I seem to have a reputation for buying gadgets, I am not sure why, yes I buy tools, but in my mind they are bought to make life easier, not just for the sake of buying them... You tell me!

I have to replace or install at least 30 wooden posts, the idea of using a traditional post hole digger fills me with dread.

Once you master it, it does work, but it's hard going, there had to be a simpler option, I bought a post hole auger

I had a few teething problems, I could get it to start, but there was no drilling action, after a while I was beginning to think the problem wasn't me, but the machine, and I fired off an email to the seller, but minutes later I found the problem, the clutch cable was not connected, a few tools, we were up and running.

It was like a knife through butter, and so worth the cost...don't you agree?

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