Monday, 18 May 2020


On Saturday, Omar arrived at the house with our new Showers and room heater, bless him, that saved us a trip!

Yesterday, Marcela contacted Jaime to let him know about the showers, so that he could tell Wilfer our electrician, only to be told that Wilfer would be out of action for the forseeable future. Apparently he was working on his Mother's house, and used a grinder to cut wood, instead of going for a saw, it bound and jumped back, as a result he has lost half a finger...ouch! I have some idea what that feels like, because years ago, I cut the tip off one of my fingers with a saw, through not concentrating.

Today Jaime, told us that he has found a replacement Electrician, so hopefully work will continue.

I have been odd-jobbing today, between the house and the garden, and lovely it was to.

It looks as if I will have plenty of time to get my jobs done, we have heard today that the lockdown has been extended until at least the 7th June, we also heard that our flights to Mexico have been cancelled in October, apparently the Airline has decided to remain closed for the rest of this year, so yet again, we are going to have to try to change the Hotel, I hope they play ball, otherwise we lose our cash, under the circumstances, I wouldn't be very happy.

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