Saturday, 16 May 2020

Rapid Progress

This will be a fairly long post, but bare with me, as it will be mainly Photos!

Jaime and his Team have worked hard this last week and a half,  the roof was finished, they sprayed stain on all the roofing timbers, completed all the electrical and plumbing work, then rendered all the building, outside and in, including the zona de ropa.

That done is was time to lay the concrete floors,

Zona de ropa...flawless

I couldn't believe it, the boys had been so good all afternoon, then when it was time for them to wrap up and go home, Pepe went nuts! every time I called him to come off the concrete, he did a little jig, and made matters worse, however Jaime said not to worry, as it will be tiled.

Then today, they worked for three hours, applying estuco to the inside, and covered areas outside, apparently this makes for easier painting.

That done they cleaned up, and went to off to work for another Client... Great Job Guys! 

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