Monday, 18 May 2020

Reserve Water Tanks

Someone asked me the other day about our reserve water tank, whilst bringing the Blog up to date, I had forgotten all about it.

During the initial lockdown, I was looking for jobs to do, and one of them was upgrading our reserve tank. Many houses here especially in the rural areas have one, because we are prone to cuts in the service, mainly due to rogue Builders breaking a main pipe, and it can be 24hrs before you are reconnected.

There was already a tank here, but it was not properly installed, there was no float to stop it overflowing, and as we found to our cost, there was no non-return valve to stop the water going the wrong way, and back out into the main system, also it was filthy inside from the constant flow of mud in the water.

This is the inside of the supply pipe, that is sticky mud, and explained the colour of our water before installing the filtration system.

Jaime had suggested that I buy a bigger tank, but for the two of us, 250 litres is a sufficient back-up.
I bought all the plumbing parts online, disconnected the tank, scrubbed it clean, and put in new pipes and connections.

Now we have a reserve tank, that I wouldn't worry about connecting to the house!

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