Sunday, 17 May 2020

Self Sufficiency Update!

Marcela has been keeping a close eye on her vegetable plugs and seeds, they have only needed watering occasionally because we have been having rain on a nightly basis. the only failure has been the white onions, because we have two summers and two winters, rather than the four seasons I was used to, planting times are a bit hit and miss, but we keep trying.

We went down the garden with Jaime, our Builder, for some lessons in when to harvest our bananitas, and whilst down there he found some tomato plants growing wild, I knew if left, they would be cut by the brushcutter, either by me or the Gardener, so decided to try transplanting them.

I put in a post at each end of the bed, and then used twine as the supports, now we wait to see if they recover, or die off. Either way, we like tomatoes, so may well buy some plants to add to the collection.

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