Sunday, 10 May 2020

With the Coronavirus Lockdown, it was time to look at Self Sufficiency

We already have a good selection of fruit, so it was time to look to Vegetables, the Plot was already there, but it obviously hadn't been used for years, so time for some hard graft.

In time I will replace the plastic border with weather-proof timber, but for now it will work. We don't really know what will grow here, so it was a case of trial and error.

Marcela stopped on the way back from one of her weekly shopping trips and bought a selection of seeds and plugs.

So we have a trial bed, of  iceberg and red lettuce, broccoli, carrots, spring onions, calabacin, red onions, globe onions, the latter don't seem to be doing anything, so maybe we'll try again, I have never grown onions from seed, always sets, so this is new to me, we also planted some herbs which we have put in old car tyres to stop them spreading.

Now we are sitting back and waiting to see what grows best, then we will increase the cops, another addition we will definitely be making is spuds!

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