Sunday, 21 June 2020

Consequences of Stepladder Fall

On Wednesday I had a telephone appointment with my Doctor, he is hoping the injury to my neck is just muscular, but is sending me for a Radiography test to be sure, he filled out the orders, which I collected Thursday morning.

The scan I have on Tuesday morning, in the mean time I have had to go for injections, and he put me on strong painkillers.

Now I am treated even more like an elderly citizen, I collected our new lights for the Dining room, lounge and kitchen, but Jaime wouldn't let me up the ladder to fit them, he arranged for the electrician to come and fit them on Saturday morning (yesterday). Now we have light.

That and the Kitchen Fitter taking his time on the installation, delayed Jaime, who had to seal the floors before we could move back in, which because it is a Bank Holiday on Monday, has delayed the move until the middle of next week, but we are getting there.

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