Sunday, 21 June 2020

The Mother of All Storms!

Last night we had the worst storm I can remember since moving to Colombia, it turns out the the whole area suffered, with local towns flooded, but we had our own problems,Not only the rain, but high winds as a result the rain was coming at the house horizontally, therefore if to went in the bathroom, the rain was coming through the air bricks, soaking the whole bathroom.

The walls themselves, will all be rendered in a later project, but we will have to look for a solution to the airbricks, I think a metal canopy over each should solve the problem.

We then found a swimming pool forming on our new dining room floor, water was pouring in from the roof.

I contacted Jaime, who bless his heart, came out first thing this morning on his day off, up on the roof, and stripped it back, finding the original Builder had obviously run out of filter paper and left a 12" strip high on the roof unprotected, except for the tiles, he cleaned the roof, put down new paper and reset the tiles. Hopefully now we are watertight.

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