Wednesday, 24 June 2020

A bit of Exercise!

Yesterday, I went for my Radiography scan on my neck, I am no Medic, but looking at the results, everything appears to be in place, so I think I had a very lucky escape. I have a telephone appointment with my Doc on Saturday, so think I will be sending him photos of the scan to confirm the result.

Unfortunately, the Colombian President has yet to grow a pair... and yesterday he decided to extend the lockdown yet again, now until the middle of July, at this rate we will be here until Christmas, I hope he doesn't think we will be paying any taxes, I don't think Prisoners have to!!!!

This morning, I have been digging the trench for my new Grease Trap drain pipe, I managed to put the pickaxe through the septic drain pipe on the way down, but Jaime repaired it for me, and that is now waiting for them to install the pipes, however I think I am going to regret all that manual work tonight, I am already seizing up.

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