Thursday, 9 July 2020


Whilst Jaime and his Team have been slogging away in the sun, I have had the more comfortable job of continuing my woodwork indoors, which after the Pantry, came the Broom cupboard

That done, Marcela is happy, she has all the space she needs in the house, I can now turn to the parts that favour me, starting with the workshop.

I started by marking out where my shelves were going

That done it was time to start cutting, but that in itself lead to more problems

This is one of the 2x4 timbers in the 2.5m pile only it's not, it's only 2.38m, and there were many more, As a result, I have had to do some creative cutting, I am certainly not impressed with the timber yard, but Jaime tells me this is a regular problem over here.

Once cut, I had to leave them all out in the sun, as many of them were still wet from the chemical dip to stop Termites.

I have to admit, I was glad I couldn't continue working, as my neck was killing me, so I wrapped up for the day.

Later on we had a meeting with Jaime, and he gave us quotes for more projects, that includes an near rebuild on the Cabaña / apartment, all came in well under our own estimates, so we gave the go ahead, at this rate Jaime will still be here on his retirement, and he is only 38!!!

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