Saturday, 12 December 2020

Out of Commission

 Following my morning fencing, I have mostly been out of commission, I made the mistake of doing this without my back-support, as a result, I put my back out. It is a long time since I have suffered, but this brought it all back, and for the first two days, I was housebound, but slowly I am getting movement back, and yesterday was the first day, I felt anything like normal. Marcela has been an Angel, a strict one!, but I don't know what I would have done without her.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny summers day, so having cleaned up the kitchen units from the old kitchen in Bello, I had them out on the gravel parking area, and started spraying them, when completed they will look new, and then I can put them up in the Office. That done, Marcela and I did some weeding, she enlightened me, that she doesn't like gardening (which I had already worked out for myself), but doesn't mind it if we are doing it together, so an hours weeding each week, should keep on top of the garden, and to be honest, I enjoyed it myself.

This morning, I have done a bit of work in the cabaña / apartment, it was my intention to continue spraying the kitchen units, but I woke to a grey rainy day, albeit it has now brightened up, I have lost the impetus, so it will be continued another day.

As for the rest of today, I have a bit of clerical work to do, so I think I will be here in the office for a while.

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